Effective Tuesday May 28th, 2019 we will begin the summer work schedule. 8am to 5pm Monday - Thursday & 8am to 11:30 am on Fridays. This will be in effect until September 3rd, 2019.
Police Department
PD Patch Berlin Police would like to advise residents that the speed limit on Franklin Ave. in front of Berlin Community School has been lowered to 15 MPH to provide a safer environment for our children. The safety of our children is paramount; there will be zero tolerance for speeding or cell phone use in this area. Police Officers monitoring the area will be policing these activities. Also, the disregard of a stopped school bus when the lights are flashing red is a five point ticket. Your compliance and cooperation will be appreciated.

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Supporting the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over 2014 Year End Holiday Statewide Crackdown

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DSOGPO 2014 Proclamation

We shall preserve the safety and well being of all individuals in the Borough of Berlin through selfless public service. We shall project, through our actions, the pinnacle of integrity, honor, fairness and compassion to those in our community. We are committed to working together in problem-solving partnership with our community. We recognize our responsibility to provide superior police services with the highest professional standards, to combat crime and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Berlin. We willingly accept this responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for this accomplishment.

Lieutenant Michael Scheer

Road Construction Detail Coordinator.
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Safe Transaction Zone

The Berlin Police Department is proud to announce the designation of a safety zone where citizens can make sales and purchases through sites like Craigslist.

"The safe transaction zones are designed to help protect our citizens as robberies, thefts and scams become more prevalent with online transaction sites," says Chief Michael DeLorenzo.

Safe Transaction Zones have been set up in the lobby and surrounding parking lots of the Berlin Police Headquarters at 59 S. White Horse ...

The announcement comes after a previous investigation where a man was charged in the deaths of a couple whose bodies were found in rural Georgia. They apparently were lured by the suspect through a Craigslist ad with hopes of buying an antique Mustang convertible. The victims, in their 60s, had been shot in the head.

Members of the Berlin Police Department say they will not participate in transactions or act as witnesses. "Our employees are not available for legal advice or allowed to settle disputes between parties involved in transactions occurring in our facility," Chief DeLorenzo said. Transactions involving weapons, drugs and/or drug paraphernalia are barred from the zones.

The lobby of the Berlin Police Department is available 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

Anyone using the lobby to complete a transaction is asked to notify the police matron. Residents using the facility during the weekend or after hours are encouraged to use the parking lots which are under video surveillance.